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Pdf to CAD Design Service

Cad Drawings provided by Concov Interiors is Highly accurate.Our Clients Trusted us for our PDF to CAD Conversion Services. Our team has a combined experience of 25 years in Architectural drafting and converting hand sketches and old drawings into CAD files. You Can Always contact us for any kind of Architectural Drafting & Architectural Visualization.

We Also have Dedicated BIM modellers for your project who help you to convert your point to cloud  Data into 3D BIM, Our Architectural Team of Designers have Many years of experience and we deliver any kind of complex Architectural Design in less time.

Get Benefitted by our Drafting Services and Reduce your Studio's Work Load. Contact us today to discuss your Architectural Project today with us.

Cad Drawings|Revit bim

One of the most powerful aspects of our custom 3D modeling service is that designers can create floor plans, sections and elevations by taking snapshots from different perspectives & Creating Birds eye view makes easier. This was not possible previously when building plans. We can be your trusted CAD Vendors for your design firm. Contact us.

We also offer unlimited revisions to make your project perfect for Approval by Authorities.  We Follow the Strict Guidelines and Work in your prefer units(Imperial). Our Architectural Drafters have best Industy Knowledge and ready to deliver any kind of BIM drafting work.

MillWork Drawing Supplier

Our in house Architectural designers take complete responsibility to deliver the best detailed Drawing for your Any kind of Architectural Projects. We are the Best and Trusted Vendors for Architectural Drafting and Visualization For Design firms. Our construction documentation which comes with every single minute details. With our in-depth knowledge and expertise in various international standards and codes, our team is able to provide CD sets with standards with respect to our client’s locations. Reach us for your Millwork Needs. 

3D RENDERING SERVICES : Aerial view| Birds Eye View

Birds Eye View Or Aerial View Makes the decision process easier for the owner, by showing the detailed 3d visualization and Virtual Tour to your clients of their house makes your life easier and helps you to close more projects in less time.Contact Concov interiors for any kind of visualization or birds eye view projects.

Our Design team Gives you the flexibility to focus on biiger pictures for your Architectural firms. So you Can design More and we can draft More For you. Our  Architectural Rendering Work comes with unlimited Revisions, so we can deliver exactely what you needed. If you need the raw files as well for your design, you have to inform us earlier so we can send you the backup for the design.

2D to 3D FLOOR PLAN DESIGNING SERVICES : Floor plan designer

Floor Plan Designers helps you to create a 3d look of your existing floor plan by using 3d visualization soft wares that help you to present your project to your potential buyers easier and you can close sale easily. We have track record of executing high volume Architectural floor plan projects. 

We Provide all kind of House Plan,  Landscape Plan, For Home Builders and Building Contractor.

Architects Need to use their own Architect Stamp as we don't provide that service.

 You can always write us for any kind of Architectural Design work.

As-Built Drawing Services : Cad drafter

Architectural drafters Create a Revised set of drawing submitted by a contractor upon completion of a project or a particular job. They reflect all changes made in the specifications and working drawings during the construction process, and show the exact dimensions, geometry, and location of all elements of the work completed under the contract. CAD services makes easier for Architects to work with for there drafting needs.

Interior Designing services : Architectural plans

Our interior designers along with our in-house technical specialists create spaces that connect with the user both aesthetically and functionally. Our Interior Designers Creates spaces that are intuitive, simple and humanized. We uniquely offer a fully integrated interior design service that provides end-to-end workplace solutions, which includes MEP, AV, IT, sustainability, security, and employee wellness. At every stage, we work in collaboration with our clients offering high value engineering consulting advice to create innovative spaces accurately reflect a company's brand values and culture.


Solidwork drafting services by concov helps you to make your drawing conversions easier. We save your time, when you working with large assemblies, drawings and sheet metal parts. Our engineering firms helps you to achieve your Solidwork drafting goals in easy steps. We have a proper team of engineers to make a reverse engineering drawings. Contact us today for your PDF to CAD solidworks drafting today.



We are Architectural Drafters CAD Outsourcing firm, cater to the Engineering, and Construction industry with our cutting edge methodology. Our expertise is mainly composed of CAD services designing and drawing, Which further advanced to 3D modeling |Aerial View |Birds Eye view. We target to strike a balance between Innovation, Creativity, and Information during construction documentation in our Drafting Services.

If you Are Looking to Learn More About CAD Technicians Check This Link

Residential & Commercial CD SET CAD services

Are You Looking for An Architectural Drafting Firm Who Can help you in All your Construction & Millwork Drawings with Great Detailing then, We at Concov Team of Licensed Architectural Designers and Drafters Can Help You To solve your Problem, Schedule a call to Discuss Your Project Now. 


Delivering Architectural Design to anywhere

 As soon as we receive your contact details our team of Architectural drafters  give  you a call within one working days. 

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Work Culture Of Our CAD


Ethics Of Our Design Team

We are Team Of Architects Who takes Our Client's Architectural Design and Development Work Very Seriously and Committed to their Deadlines for any kind of Commercial or Residential CAD Drafting Projects. We train our all the employees on regular basis to the latest CAD software to deliver the high quality Architectural drafting work to our clients. We keep Your CAD Drafting Budget low .

Our Team Of Architectural 3D visualization and CAD Designer Will keep in touch with you for any kind of changes in CAD drafting and design work once you enroll with us. So You don't have to worry and let us handle your CAD Drafting schedule a call now. 

CAD Workflow 

Our Architectural Drafting Sevices Design Process

Streamlined Process and You can always Connect

With our team of  Architectural drafters to discuss anything related to your project.

Satisfaction Guaranteed ! You Always Check Client Area To Track Your Project Status.

Architectural/Mechanical /Electrical/Plumbing/Structural Drafting Services 



We Provide certified Architects for your projects on hourly or Project wise basis. Our Drafting services serves Commercial and Residential Drafting Plans. This is where cost savings meets flexibility and scalability without sacrificing quality and Our team of Architectural Drafters Works as a team for you. Contact us Today for All your Drawing needs.


CAD Conversion & CAD Drawing Service

We convert hand-drawn and printed drawings to All New Digitized drawings that can be easily transferred or make further changes, this Architectural Drawings are fast and safest way to store Architectural drawings. Our Qualified Architectural drafters are available at very effective cost to work on any kind of MEP or BIM drawings. Contact us Today to know more.
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Revit MEP SERVICE & BIM consultation

Concov is experienced BIM Outsourcing Company and has many combined years of experience on REVIT, & AutoCAD For BIM and Architectural drafting Service Requirements. We can transform Any drawings, plans, blueprints, and PDF files into a true BIM model with rich details and clean layers and references. Contact us to Know More about our Architectural drafting and Architectural Visualization Service.

Concov Interiors

Helping Architects In Global Level To support them in their CAD Drawings & 3D Visualization

Our Design services team continually working for U.s, Australia, Iraq, Canada, China,India, and Brazil Clients.

Our Rendering Services is Very Cost Affordable with the Highest Quality with Great Detailing.

We are the Best Rendering Service Provider and always ready to Deliver  the highest Quality work with great detailing for your projects.

Our Designers are always backed up with high performing work stations so no projects suffer due to poor infrastructure. Our Outsourcing Services are Best and Affordable for any Design studio or Architects who are looking for extended Arms.


What if there is Delay in Delivery Of Project or they not able to meet Design deadlines?

Most of the Drafting firms have many years of experience, and they provide the timeline and the cost for the of work on initial Design, Drafting firms have Team of Drafters, they Hire Skilled Designers and utilize their Drafters very efficiently to meet any deadlines. This reduces the chances of running Out of time. But if the Scope of work changes then delays may happen.

Do Indian Architectural drafting Firm Know our Industry Building Codes ?

Architectural Firms Always try to hire people who have Architects/Diploma Degree which is further headed by an Experienced Studio Manager. And the Studio Manager is one who have worked at least Minimum of 85 projects(Specific to that country like U.S) this ensures that he will manage all the Architectural Codes, In case of confusion they refer the AIA codes or Directly contact the Clients, Which ensures correct use of Building Code in every project.

How I Save money by outsourcing My Architectural drawings to CAD Drafting firm?

CAD Software is ever Evolving field and its constantly updating and the cost associated to maintain Different softwares like Rendering Software is also very high, Even if you Got all the software, Keeping your Employees and integrating the updates is major roadblock for many Architects. So if you don't want to take a load outsourc it to CAD Drafting and Design Firm they do all the heavy lifting for you. And One major factor is Cost of Living is Half in India as compared to U.S , Our Man power is cheaper than U.S, So this also is the Major reason Architects save Money when they outsource their CAD project to Indian CAD drafting firms.

What is the cost Of CAD Drafters in India ?

Well this depends upon studio to Studio the Price Range may vary as per their Studio experiences. Many Studio Charges Per Project Basis and Many goes with Transparent Hourly Costing, in both the cases Clients get benefited as the cost is still far less than what they paid to U.S CAD drafters or Visualization firms. Just an overview like if CAD drafters in U.S Charges $45/Hr, for the same work, Indian Firm Charges $25/Hr or less. which reduces your overall project Budget and thus you gain more profit in your Design Works.

Do My Architectural Design ideas are safe with them ?

It's a Great Question and Many Architect feel Reluctant to ask this, I assure you that, you don't have to worry very much if you landed with right CADD vendors, as a responsible CAD drafting firms like us. We always Sign a NDA(Non disclosure Agreement) with clients that gives confidence to our Clients that there idea is safe with us.

How do I know the CAD drafting firm I choose is Credible or not ?

It's Simple Just check their Client base and Portfolio's, many Business Showcase this on their website like ours, if they have just ask them some references about that portfolio, if possible call their Clients if you are going for long term projects with CAD vendors.