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CAD technician refer to Draughtsperson who draws the technical drawing of Buildings on a Computer Aided Design Software to produce Schematics drawings and Blue Prints, He has a good technical Understanding of Floor Plans and Site plans, He uses the technical information provided by Architects or Civil Engineers to draw Designs.

As per the report of 2017 ONS Labor Forces Survey, indicate the salary for CAD technicians and draughtspersons in the UK is approximately 30,000 as per Architectural Firm survey.

Architect's Design is one of the important factor in the growth of any Studio.

And the Presentation of Architects' thought on the paper by utilizing 2D & 3D Drafting for creation of better visual layouts is the job of CAD Technician for Construction Documentation, So its very important for any architect to hire a good draftsman for there Construction Drawing work.

How to Become a CAD Technician ?

The Simplest way is to get a diploma in CAD drafting by any Degree Program and thereafter learn practical skills & practice the skills under the guidance of Architects & Design team to understand the nitty-gritty of Architectural & Building Design Process.

You Must have Practical working experience on Construction Projects. And also have strong knowledge of at least 3-4 different software to work along, because during the Design production and you may need to use different software to complete the task that provided by Architects or Studio Firm's.

Different opportunities For Draughtspersons 

Due to the fierce increases of Cost of CAD softwares and hard to find the good CAD technicians. Many Design Studio and Architect Firms are Outsourcing there Drafting works to cheaper countries like India & Philippines to save the total project cost.

This Increases the demand to hire CAD technicians for Architectural Drafting firms More than ever before to deliver the design projects in project deadlines.

This Change in the Working culture for CAD technicians and provides the new opportunity to Firm's Like us.

How Outsourcing Helps Architect and Design Studio to get things faster & Save more on their projects.

Architects, Builders, Property Developers all benefits from outsourcing there drafting job by various means as listed:

1- Cost Benefits and Profitable 

 2- Time Difference gives opportunity that someone is always working on your project. 

 3- Pool of Talented & Technical People to chose from for your projects 

 4- Bilingual and Easy Communication skills requires as In India Most Outsourcing firms hire people with good English to serve their client batter. Like Our Firm if any Difficulty arises we directly connect with our clients over a call to resolve any issues or changes in the drawing during the production.

There are Many other reasons, and the value provide by outsourcing drafting companies to the Architect Firms is tremendous.

Choosing the right vendor for your Architectural company

Evaluate the proposals. Check the vendor credibility and there clients with whom they worked. You can read our FAQ section(

As Architectural Design and Drafting is a very broad field, there are many consultant work together to execute the projects. So many CAD drafting firms offers their in house consultant to Architect on demand as well for MEP and Structural Works.

CAD Drafting service offer by companies like concov interiors does not only provide drawing but also provide clash detection and Millwork drawings and Cabinetry drawings services as well.

We have a team of Interior designers and Licensed Architect to work upon any complex BIM or any Simple CAD Projects. We have good Working Knowledge of U.S Building codes.

Our Team Worked Upon almost 132+ Projects till date commercial Projects and Residential Projects Included.

If you are interested To talk to Our Architects For your Next Project. Please Write us to hire our CAD technicians for your next project.

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